Marine Struggles To Get Medical Care From Veteran’s Hospital

When an American enlists in the United State Military he/she is putting their life on the line. That person is putting America first in one of the biggest ways they can. It is not only a brave thing to do, it is also a sacrifice that keeps our country going. Our Military is a deterrent as other countries know of its strength and ability. So when one of our soldiers fights and is injured the least we can do is care for them.

Johnny “Joey” Jones was in the Marines. He gave his legs in the service of his Country. He was a bomb technician that had the unfortunate luck of stepping on an IED back in 2010.

He since then has had to go through hoops in order to get the care that he was promised when he signed up.

“After a 5hr wait I was turned away form at 2:30 AM this morning without treatment or explanation. Here’s what happened..”

I had been seeing a civilian doctor for about a year here near my home and work in Newnan, GA. He sees me monthly and prescribed a very moderate amount of pain medication. (I’m incredibly healthy and active).

In January he informed me he could no longer accept Medicare or TriCare. (A business decision he had to make and I understand why). I began the process of moving my treatment to at that time.

They informed me that my only recourse was to go to the VA Emergency Room in Decatur, GA (1hr 30mins north of my home) and show my current script and they prescribe the same meds until my appointment.

I work for a living and don’t have a full day for this every month so my old doc agreed to continue seeing me until April. So, on May 3rd my prescription was up and I needed enough medication to last until May 21st for an appointment I(still haven’t received official notice of)

Finally yesterday I called the 404-321-6111 again and confirmed that I was embarking upon the correct course of action to seek care. They affirmed and I showed up at the Decatur VA ER at 9:[email protected] night after my son’s baseball game which had me on that side of Atlanta.

I showed my current script to the receptionist, she affirmed and sent me to ER/Fast Track Check-in. I walked down the hall and showed my script (tried to give full story but she wasn’t interested) to check in. Was given a hospital bracelet and sat at 10:15 pm to wait.

At 12:24 AM I was called back for vitals. I again showed my script, this time with full explanation, and was assured that I was doing the right thing. At 1:55 AM, I noticed everyone but me, including those who came in after me, had been called back. I walked to the nurse station and asked when I would be seen.

They told me that they close at 2 AM and I would be moved to a different part of the hospital. I showed my frustration so the nurse walked me straight back to the on-duty doctor. He was preparing to leave at 2 AM (end of his shift)

He was rude, dismissive and said “I’m leaving I’ve been here all day, you’ll have to wait” to which I replied “I’ve had no legs for 8 years I feel so bad for you” he then changed his demeanor and looked at my script. He smirked and said, “I can’t fill this here”… I lost it.

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