Massive Crackdown: 18 Human Smugglers And Over A Hundred Migrants Arrested

ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) worked alongside the U.S. border patrol to crack a huge case involving at least two States and brought several people to justice. The bust brought in, not only criminals but, drugs and more. Meanwhile, the two agencies have been inundated with scrutiny and hostility from critics and protesters.

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 18 human smugglers as well as 117 illegal immigrants across three stash houses in New Mexico and Texas. The arrests took place last month but ICE just announced those arrests on their website, Friday.

According to Fox News, ICE worked alongside agents with the U.S. Border Patrol to make the arrests, seizing cash, cars, and drugs during the massive sting operation.

“The monthlong enforcement action resulted in the arrest of illegal aliens in three area stash houses from the following countries: Mexico (93), Guatemala (12), Honduras (6), Brazil (3), El Salvador (2) and Peru (1),” ICE reported. “The seizures included nine vehicles, three tractor-trailers and $20,000 in U.S and Mexican currency.”

U.S. citizens Elias Serrano, 42, and Jesus Briseno, 25, were among those arrested for smuggling, according to ICE. Both men have extensive criminal records.

As Reported By ICE:

“We remain steadfast in our commitment to vigorously pursue members of transnational criminal networks that exploit and endanger people they smuggle into our country,” said Jack P. Staton, special agent in charge of HSI El Paso. “These smugglers are driven by human greed and heartlessness.  HSI will continue to work with our law enforcement partners, such as Border Patrol, to maintain the integrity of our border and nation’s immigration laws.”

“This is a great example of the dedication and cooperation amongst area law enforcement agencies working towards the shared goals of securing our borders, protecting our local communities and our nation,” said Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem, U.S. Border Patrol-El Paso Sector.

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