Maxine Waters Claims Republicans Are Siding With Russia

The tactless Maxine Waters is at it again. This time she decided attacking Trump is not enough. She took at aim at Republicans, questioning our patriotism and accusing us of siding with Russia.

During an interview on “All In” with Chris Hayes, Waters was asked to comment on how Trump is now planning to lobby the AG’s office to investigate Biden, his opponents, and get information from a foreign emissary.

“Well as you know I am not shocked or surprised by anything the president and his minions do. As I have said over and over again this president is a dishonorable, despicable human being. He is undermining our country, he is undermining our democracy, he’s disregarding the Constitution of the United States, and this president should have been impeached a long time ago, ” Waters claimed.

Hayes then asked Waters if she talks to her fellow Dems about impeachment too.

“I simply believe that the president of the United States is dangerous. If he gets away with what he is doing now, he will have changed the role of the presidency in the future. I think that is bothersome that he is undermining and ignoring the House of Representatives, the Congress of the United States. And my own committee where we have sought documents from Deutsche Bank, he is suing Deutsche bank to try to keep them from giving us the documents. We will have to go to court. He vowed that he is gonna fight us tooth and nail and going into court opposing our subpoenas. I don’t think that we should not impeach him. We should impeach him.”

She was then asked about Deutsche records and if she thinks that the oversight committee will have to Trump to get those records too. Waters claimed she is going to do her job and then went on a rant about Trump supporters and Republicans.

“What surprises me more than anything else is that the Republicans, in particular, the right-wing conservative Republicans are not patriotic. They are allowing this president to have this relationship with Putin and the Kremlin and Russia who are our known enemies and they are working with them and have not stopped. They will not criticize them, and he will not do going deal with the fact that they undermined our election system. That has shocked me. That has surprised me even though I said nothing does. The fact that the Republicans who claim to be so patriotic and claim to love this country are siding with the president and Russia against our democracy. That shocks me.”

Watch The Video Here. 

Waters doesn’t really answer questions she just badmouths Trump and now Trump supporters. She doesn’t really explain her reasoning either. It’s let’s impeach trump, he’s a threat to democracy. But I guess her followers are just happy to hear something they agree with. Does Waters know what Patriotism is? Because Waters and her fellow Dems sure don’t act like they do. They seem to care far more for illegals than Americans, in that same vein they don’t care about our laws, and they make America look bad when they constantly are criticizing the president, especially after they already have the Mueller Report results, which proves them wrong.

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