Road Work Signs Are Now Sending Lefties Over The Edge

Washington University Assistant Professor of Sociology Caitlyn Collins became flustered on her drive to work. During her ride to work, she noticed a sign that sent her into a frenzy, a “Men At Work” sign.

The professor was overwhelmed and took to Twitter claiming the sign was sexist and discouraged females from working in the labor-intensive construction field.

So she took a photo and questioned a worker about the sign and then posted about it.

Collins: “What if there is a woman on your crew?

Man Working: “Oh, I don’t know. I’m just here.”

Collins: “Are there any women on your crew?”

Man Working: “No.”

Collins: “Do you think maybe they are related?”

Man Working: “Awkwardest face.”

She was expecting that she would be praised for her astute insight, she even added that this would be good teaching material.

But instead of the praise, Twitter turned on the obnoxious professor.

“Thank you for being so brave and harassing the working class.”


“It amuses me that being this awful to men just doing their jobs has been the highlight of your day. Get your life together.”

“The only woman I see isn’t working so sign is accurate.”

“This is so not helpful. You actually do the opposite of what you set out to do, this isn’t empowering to women, it makes you (and the women you claim to defend) look fragile and easily triggered, petty. Not the vibe I’m going for. Get a grip.”

“Very crazy she assumed their gender.”

“I too love harassing low wage employees about their boss’s hiring practices.”

She, of course, deleted the post as her lesson plan was being ruined with rational responses. Collins did not get the triggered fem responses she was hoping for that would validate her harassment of blue-collar workers just trying to make ends meet.

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