Mike Huckabee Strikes Back At Axelrod For Sarah Sanders Slight.

Sarah Sanders recently resigned from her post as Press Secretary. Sanders did a great job relaying information to the press and speaking for the administration. But the MSM was not a fan, they did not appreciate that she would defend the president since it conflicted their intention to ridicule him.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Axelrod, a top aide to President Barack Obama, inferred that Sanders is a liar.

“If you are the spokesperson for a “habitual liar. It’s like being Fire Marshal for a pyromaniac, it’s not going to end well for you,” Axelrod said. “In this job, she was called upon to choose between her fidelity to Trump and her fidelity to the truth, and she chose Trump. I mean her legacy is one of defending the indefensible.”

Sander’s dad Huckabee responded to the criticism pointing out that commenters for CNN are bought and paid for.

“People who don’t like Donald Trump don’t like my daughter,” Huckabee claimed. “And it’s not that they don’t like her because most of them don’t even know her. They just don’t like President Trump, and that’s unfortunate because a lot of us do like him, and we’re grateful for what he’s doing.”

“I’m a little surprised this came out of Axelrod. He’s a better person than that. He knows better. And I’m really shocked and surprised that he would go there to that degree. But again, he’s a CNN contributor. What is he gonna do? They pay people to hate President Trump. That’s what they pay them to do, so I guess he earned that paycheck on that particular segment.”

Watch The Video Below.

Sanders has been great and she will be missed. CNN was just upset that Trump had a female Press Secretary, as that flies in the face of their Trump is a misogynist narrative.

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