Mitch McConnell Puts His Foot Down On Kavanaugh Appointment

The Democrats have been dragging their feet with it comes to the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh for The Supreme Court of the United States. The Democrats are still quite upset that he Kennedy stepped down during Trump’s Presidency. They were even more upset when McConnell decided that he was going to be appointed before the midterm elections. The Democrats claim that Obama held off during an election year so Trump should too. But that was a presidential election, frankly a huge difference.

The biggest concern Democrats seem to be going on about is Roe vs Wade. They believe Kavanaugh’s appointment will be the end of their coveted abortion rights. So the Democrats have been doing everything in their power to try and delay his appointment until after the midterm. They hope that Democrats will win more seats and have the ability to stop his appointment altogether.

McConnell tweeted the following about the Democrat’s attempt to obstruct the appointment.

This week, even more of our colleagues have come away impressed after meeting with nominee, Judge Kavanaugh. But far-left special interests continue grasping at straws and trying to smear this nominee any way they can.”

We’re witnessing historic obstructionism here,” Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) said of Democratic resistance to Trump’s judicial picks and decrying “unreasonable requests for information by people who have already said publicly they’ve made a decision” on Kavanaugh.”

But McConnell was not born yesterday and has given them an Ultimatum. Cut the attempts to delay the appointment by burying the proceedings in paperwork or McConnell will change the appointment date to right before the election. “McConnell believes scheduling a confirmation vote in immediate proximity to the midterm elections will exacerbate political pressure on embattled Democrats from red states to support Kavanaugh.”

Watch The Video Below.

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, warned Democrats against turning the Kavanaugh confirmation into a fishing expedition, and said lawmakers would review a “relevant and proportional” sample of his work product.

“Many Democrats announced their opposition to this nominee before the vetting process ever began,” Grassley said. “They’ve made clear that their plan will be to obstruct and delay at every corner, and reviewing Judge Kavanaugh’s record will be no different. Rest assured, this process will be fair and thorough. At the same time, I will not allow taxpayers to be on the hook for a government-funded fishing expedition.”

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