Moore And Maher Lash Out – They Can’t Handle A Conservative SCOTUS

The Democrats have been going wild with this immigration issue and are now in an uproar over Justice Kennedy’s retirement. They are bad mouthing him for wanting to live out the remainder of his life in peace. Democratic Mouthpiece Michael Moore was on Bill Maher’s super left HBO show. Moore made some over the top comments, as well as a troubling call to protest for his fellow leftists.

Moore desperately was trying to come up with ideas to somehow stop the new Justice’s appointment, at least until after the midterm elections. He took a jab at Republicans and claimed that it could be done through a mass protest.

“I’ll join a million other people surrounding the United States Capitol,” replied Mr. Moore. “I will stand there. I will put my- Bill, let me tell you something. If this judge goes through, for at least the rest of all of our lives, it’s a right-wing court. That’s it. It’s over.”

Then he slighted Republicans for having resilient mindsets and believing in the sanctity of life.

“They don’t think like that, they don’t think like that. They go with magical thinking: a fertilized egg is a human being, a fertilized egg is a human being, and they say it over and over. And they have millions behind them, when are we going to start talking like that?”

Watch The Video Below.

The sad part is that the audience ate that garbage up. But he went on to say Trump is somehow not his president and not the elected president of the American people since he didn’t win the popular, just the electoral vote. The electoral vote was created by the Founding Fathers, the same people that made this country possible, but Moore likely has no real respect for them either.

Maher even had the nerve to say that it is the Republican who are threatening the Democrats, not the other way around. Has he not seen the news where Liberals are going to the homes of Government Officials and terrorizing them? Or how one DHS official found a dead animal mutilated at their doorstep?

It’s scary that these are the people Democrats listen to. They are fearmongering and making slanderous speculations. It is no wonder that we are a nation divided when you have people like this bashing the president and Republicans.

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