More Bad News For Dick’s Sporting Goods Beyond Gun Bans

Earlier this year Parkland Student David Hogg was pushing for all sorts of bans on anyone or thing that supported the NRA. The odd thing is that people actually listened to Hogg. They rallied behind him and changed policy when it came to guns. Dicks Sporting Goods Store was one of the companies that jumped on the anti-assault rifle bandwagon. Now they are seeing the big mistake they made in the financial standing of their company.

The Sporting Goods Store sells firearms and before they started drinking the Anti-gun Koolaid they sold AR-15s and sporting rifles. They decided to destroy all of their Modern Sports rifles and prevent anyone under 21 from purchasing a gun after the Parkland Shooting. One of their gun suppliers responded pretty quick by severing ties.

This big change in policy that flies in the face of current laws, and the public announcement that they were against the sale of “assault rifles,” has been detrimental to the company.

The nation’s largest seller of sporting goods reported that consolidated same-store sales were down 3.9% in the third quarter, due in part to double-digit declines in the areas of electronics and hunting.

The weak numbers come in the wake of the Dick’s decision in February to not only halt “assault weapon” sales, but to no longer sell guns to people under the age of 21 in response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 dead.”

Dick’s had stopped selling assault-style weapons at its branded stores after the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting in December, 2012. But prior to its policy change in February, the retailer was still selling those guns at its 35 Field & Stream locations, which specialize in hunting and outdoor items.”

They are now looking for solutions and feel that they may need to downsize their hunting departments. They are not performing as well since they unveiled their anti-gun stance.

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