More Proof Surfaces That Elected Democrats Don’t Care About The American People

The Democrats have pushed us into a government shutdown. They felt that protecting Americans comes second to their want for open borders.

Pelosi and Schumer have both tried to say that they were for border security but they want to bandaid the problem whereas Trump wants to fix it with a wall. The Democrats claim 5 Billion is too much yet they are lining up health care bills that will cost American taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars.

The Dems refuse to “waste” money on the border wall. The Dems are about to take over the House next month and their new proposals will make the 5 billion needed for the wall look like peanuts.

Their new proposals are “A Better Deal,” Medicare For All, and “A Green New deal.” By better, it seems they mean expensive.

Expect to hear the words ‘free,’ ‘guaranteed’ and ‘for all’ a whole lot more in the new year as Democrats prepare an arsenal of big-government bills that could actually see a floor vote once they take control of the House.”

“The “Better Deal” is estimated to cost taxpayers nearly a trillion dollars.”

“A Better Deal” also calls for spending $50 billion to increase public school teacher pay, and another $50 billion for school infrastructure.

“The “Medicare for All” plan pushed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and endorsed by a host of Democratic congressional and presidential hopefuls would increase government health care spending by $32.6 trillion over 10 years, according to a new study.”

The Green New Deal would involve converting the US to alternative energy and would cost more than an arm and leg. It would also include the “Medicare For All.” So 32.6 Trillion plus.

The Dems claim they would get the money for these proposals by rolling back all of the Trump tax cuts.  Luckily the Senate will stop these expensive new propositions as the American taxpayer will ultimately pay for this otherwise. Whether it be companies cutting labor to offset taxes or the amount that is not covered from the tax rollbacks.

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