MSM Can’t Cover Up Their “Peaceful” Palestinian Lie Anymore

They Mainstream Media always tries to spin the poor behavior of the Palestinians. They try and say they are peaceful and they get away with it for the most part. But now the focus is back on the Gaza Strip again and once again we can see these “Peaceful” Palestinians in action.

Nikki Haley recently discussed their behavior during a UN Security Council Meeting.

“They light Molotov Cocktails attached to kites on fire and attempt to fly them into Israel to cause as much destruction as possible. When asked yesterday why he put a swastika on his burning kite. The terrorist responded, “The Jews go crazy when you mention Hitler.”

But she is not alone in noticing their violent tendencies. The Washington Post interviewed a Palestinian who summed up what Haley and many are believing about the Palestinians.

We are excited to storm and get inside,” said 23-year-old Mohammed Mansoura. When asked what he would do inside Israel, he said, “Whatever is possible, to kill, throw stones.”

Two other young men carried large knives and said they wanted to kill Jews on the other side of the fence.”

“We will tear down the border and we will tear out their hearts.”  David Keyes Spokesperson for the Prime Minister translated what the head of Hamas said, during an interview with VICE.

This is what Israel is up against, Palestinians who are being encouraged by the HAMAS to attack Israel. So when the mainstream media claims that Israel is the offender they are not focusing on the true culprit behind all of this. Molotav Cocktail Kites and acts of violence have to be dealt with. It is unfortunate that people get hurt in these incidents. But no one is forcing them to attack Israel. They are making that choice to try their best to somehow harm Israeli citizens and therefore must be handled.

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