MSM Fakes The News Again, Claiming Schiff Scared AG Barr Into Cooperating

The MSM is trying to help the House Dems save face as they go after the DOJ to get more of the Mueller Report. Rep Adam Schiff and AG Barr have been exchanging letters. Schiff is, of course, trying to get a less redacted version of the Mueller Report. AG Barr told Schiff that he would be cut off from any additional documents if he follows through with attempting to enforce The House Dems contempt nonsense. But that’s not the way the MSM is telling it.

The MSM is claiming that Schiff used the threat of enforcing the contempt charge to get Barr to buckle. The problem is Barr was not going to buckle, in fact, he is not offering anything new. It’s the same report that he offered before. The Report that is redacted less than the original.

But if you listened to the MSM Schiff is the Hero winning a battle against the evil Trump campaign and DOJ.

CNN’s version:

“The decision to postpone the business meeting — where Schiff threatened to take an unspecified action against Attorney General William Barr for not complying with the committee’s subpoena for Mueller’s counterintelligence materials — is a rare sign of the Trump administration and a House panel successfully negotiating around a Democratic subpoena for documents.

The development also is a significant boost to Schiff in his effort to view the special counsel’s investigative materials beyond what was contained in the public Mueller report, especially given the Trump administration’s typical stance of all-out resistance to Democrats’ subpoenas and investigative requests.”

The letter tells a different story.

It was therefore surprising to hear that the Committee viewed our proposal as unacceptable.That proposal arose directly from what had appeared to be productive discussions with the Committee staff and reflected the Departments goodfaith effort to accommodate the Committees interest for information relating to the Special Counsels intelligencerelated work.

We were also disappointed to learn that the Committee has noticed a business meeting for tomorrow at which, based on your public statements, the Committee may take some sort of enforcement actionagainst the Attorney General relating to the subpoena served by the Committee on May 8, 2019 (Subpoena).

To be clear, should the Committee take the precipitous and unnecessary action of recommending a contempt finding or other enforcement action against the Attorney General, then the Department will not likely be able to continue to work with the Committee to accommodate its interests in these materials.”

Schiff canceled the enforcement meeting he had scheduled in light of the letter. If anything this shows that Schiff buckled to Barr.

But this is nothing new, Barr has already offered this lesser redacted Mueller Report to the intelligence committees. The Dems didn’t want it because they could not use it in a public forum. The Dems are not making any headway with their attempts to get their way. I guess the tantrums they are throwing don’t amount to anything in the eyes of the law.

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