MSM Priorities: Host Outraged Violent Shoplifter Was Misgendered By Victim

The liberal media is quick to highlight the misgendering of entities by progressive standards, but is quick to ignore the facts of a crime when it suits their agenda.

This was further highlighted when CBS Evening News dedicated a segment to the death of Banko Brown at the hands of Walgreens security guard, Michael Earl Wayne Anthony. Brown, a violent shoplifter and biologically female, was being trumpeted as a “pillar of the San Francisco community” by the morning show, but the evening show was more concerned with the fact that Anthony had “misgendered” Brown.

Look… When we take bigger issues with a criminal being misgendered than the crimes committed, we have some serious problems.

Lead anchor, Norah O’Donnell, claimed that protests had broken out in San Francisco due to “the district attorney’s decision to not file charges in the shooting death of a suspected shoplifter by a Walgreens security guard.”

Correspondent, Jonathan Vigliotti, took up the protest and framed the shooting death as murder despite the district attorney claiming it was self-defense.

Vigliotti then gave a dishonest chopped-up soundbite of Michael Anthony’s testimony to police in order to paint him as using unjustified brutality. “There was nothing, you know, worth fighting for,” Anthony had said.

It should be noted that Brown’s bag which prompted the altercation contained snacks totaling “less than $15,” a far cry from worthiness of use of force.

The segment concluded with Brown’s father, Terry, calling for the security guard to be charged with murder. No mention of the fact that Brown had threatened to stab Anthony.


It appears that the liberal media at CBS cares more about affirming certain woke ideologies than they do with the truth. In this case, CBS was quick to cover up Brown’s predatory criminal behavior in order to paint her as a victim and portray Anthony as a killer.

It has become blatantly obvious that gender identification and political correctness matters more than justice when it comes to liberal media. It’s time for a more fair and balanced news coverage.

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