MSM Reporter Encourages Young Teens To Skip School To Protest Climate Change

Kids are required to go to school. It is where they can learn their basic academics and social skills. It is important that teens stay in school as we learn faster in our youth and it prepares us for college.

An MSNBC reporter interviewed a group of teens that were protesting climate change in New York. After finding out that one of the little girls had skipped school for almost three months she did not scold her or tell her that’s too much. Instead, she praised her.

Read the exchange below.


“They have been skipping school. This is Ella, Jaya, and Pilar. So tell me first how old you guys are, and tell me about skipping school and why and what that’s all about.”


“So, I’ve been skipping school for 11 weeks now, and it is a sacrifice that we have to make. We are missing important things but we realized that if we don’t skip this school we might not have a future. So we need to.”


“And you’re 12 years old, is that right?”

Ella: “Yeah.”


“And you girls, you’re 13, and you’re 12 also, and you guys are deciding at this age that you’re standing up by skipping school for this, is that right? And even at your age, what does this have you thinking about, sort of, in a bigger picture? Does it have you thinking politically? What are you guys thinking about what you want to change in the world?”


“So it kind of makes me think that in the 2020 election I’m scared for my future. I’m scared that the politicians won’t be declaring a kind of emergency, won’t be taking climate action. That’s why…I can’t personally vote, and I’m begging my parents… to vote for the candidate that wants climate action, that wants to make sure fossil fuel companies don’t have taxes on them. I want change, and I hope my parents do, too.”


“And so what are you guys doing to make change right now? What type of stuff beside skipping school is making a difference?”


“Um, well, we have been reducing the use of plastic and straws and y’know, all this or that hurts the environment, not getting plastic bags when we don’t need to. We’ve also been educating a lot of people at our school and informing people about what is going on with the climate.”


“Well, it’s amazing that you guys are doing this.”

Watch The Video Below.

What is wrong with this reporter? She should have talked to the parents or something. It’s amazing that she would give her praise. How is Ella going to make up three months of classes? The reporter just validated her poor choice. I hope she is not skipping the whole day for her sake.

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