MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Believes Trump Has Joined “The Bad Guys”

On MSNBC’s Hard Ball with Chris Matthews interviewed John Brennan where they covered a liberal favorite Trump. Matthews complained that Trump has made America side with the bad guys, overlooking how Trump has been looking out for our best interest.

“It’s always hard to make references in history to who Trump is. I mean, I think of him as someone who’s come into our system, trashed NATO, trashed our alliances, made friends — publicly flirting with people like North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, publicly flirting through his family with MLB —

Whatever his name, over in Saudi Arabia, a killer of an American journalist — flaunt all of the rules of what we thought of ourselves as a good guys of the world, and we hung around with other good guys, and we fought bad guys, either through diplomacy or war, whatever it took, or containment. We always knew what side we were on. It’s like Trump has jumped the bounds, jumped the tracks and he’s just joining the other side, Matthews claimed. What do you make of that?” Matthews asked Brennan.

“I think he has no sense or knowledge of history, of the constitution, of law, of our system of checks and balances. But more ominously he doesn’t care. He only cares about himself. That’s why over the last two-plus years theres been-

“When did you come to this conclusion?” Matthews interjected.

“Pretty early on in the presidency, I was very skeptical that he would be able to rise to the occasion. I thought he was going to continue to carry out his duties and his work the way he has done for many years. Which is by skirting the law by skirting ethics and principles and pursuing a very unilateral agenda and that is what I think has happened,” Brennan said slighting the president.

Chris Matthews is another typical Liberal. He fails to see that Trump is just trying to make better deals for America as opposed to allowing other countries to continually take advantage of us.

Trump is also trying to befriend our enemies in an effort to make them our allies. Why would that be a bad thing?

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