MSNBC’s Matthews Backs Trump’s Latest Play, Puts Pelosi In Her Place

MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews took an odd turn against Pelosi and for Trump. It appeared Matthews had a moment of clarity as he claimed Trump is winning and he is making The House look like a laughing stock.

Along this same line of thought Matthews also inferred that Trump is very clever.

You know, the interesting thing about this, Reagan was always clever as being a guy who lived in California but worked in Washington.  He was always a Californian.  He never called the California White House.  He was out there.  He`s just a citizen president, right?  Very clever.  This president has gone beyond that he acts like the federal government isn`t his, the FBI, the whole – all the bureaucracy or the deep state are something else.  He`s sort Mr. Citizen who happens to be living in the White House.  He doesn`t take any responsibility for the executive branch and he`s getting away with it.”

Here’s the part where he claims Trump is making a mockery of the House.

Where’s this story going because I think that we’re gonna get…we`re going to get Donald Junior to testify.  But I think on the House side, they`re going to continue to stonewall.  I don`t think they`re going to send anybody up there.  They`re going test their ability to find them or imprison them in this little cell up on Capitol Hill.  They`re going to make them into a laughing – I think even Nancy Pelosi is scared of looking completely stupid and impotent now.  Who`s – where is he going to win?  I think Trump is winning against his own government, against both branches, executive and legislative branch, and the courts.  He`s winning right across the board.”

You can watch the whole episode here.

It’s odd to hear Matthews speak so highly of Trump. If only all of the MSM Hosts could get on board the Trump train like this, even if it is only every once and while. It would be a nice change to the constant Trump hate that you usually hear on the MSM.

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