Mueller Attempts To Circumvent Judge, Leak Exists That May “Hurt His Case”

Mueller Doesn’t Want A Hearing About Leaks Because It May ‘Hurt His Case’

Paul Manafort requested a hearing to potential reveal alleged leakers in Meuller’s case. If successful, it would mean that Robert Meuller’s sources could be called to the stand as witnesses.  Mueller, of course, wants to avoid this hearing because up until this point his ‘sources’ have remained anonymous.

Some are saying that Manafort has an arterial motive behind his request and speculated that Manafort is hoping for amnesty from President Trump. Trump has made it well known that he would like to know these ‘alleged leakers’ and considers them treasonous to the White House.

Even if that is Manafort’s motive, we would like to see just who Mueller’s sources are. After all, Mueller’s entire investigation is based on anonymous people who may or may not exist for all we know. The special counsel is doing everything he can to see to it that we remain in the dark.

As Reported By Josh Gerstein With Politico:

Mueller’s team is urging a federal judge in Virginia to turn down a request from Paul Manafort, a former Trump campaign chairman, to hold a hearing in which witnesses could be summoned to testify about the alleged leaks.

“Manafort’s speculative claim of improper conduct falls far short of the showing necessary to warrant a hearing on potential violations of [a grand jury secrecy rule] or of his constitutional rights,” prosecutors wrote. “A pretrial hearing on alleged government leaks, which would itself generate publicity on the very matters that Manafort finds prejudicial, is unwarranted.”

Manafort, who is facing separate criminal cases brought by Mueller in federal court in Washington and Alexandria, Virginia, filed a motion late last month complaining that he was unfairly attacked in a flurry of news reports that appeared to be based on illegal leaks of grand jury secrets and classified information.

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