Mueller Demands Manafort Be Held Accountable For Witness Tampering But What Does He Think He’s Been Doing?!

Mueller Demands Manafort Be Held Accountable For Witness Tampering But What Exactly Does He Think He’s Been Doing?

The Russian Witchhunt Continues with Mr. Mueller at the helm. As he claims Manafort participated in ‘witness’ tampering he’s neglecting to even consider his sheer abuse of power and tampering done by his office. What’s even more strange is how Mueller’s claims about Manafort have nothing to do with the Russian-Collusion case – but it’s not a witchhunt, right?

An amazing piece written by American Thinker highlights the hypocrisy, abuse of power and neglect from within the Meuller team. This isn’t the kind of ‘stuff’ we should ignore.

As Written by Jack Hellner with American Thinker:

President Trump’s former campaign chief, Paul Manafort, is being charged with additional crimes involving tampering with witnesses. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation supposedly was about Russian collusion, but even the Associated Press admits that factually, these and other charges, are not related to Russian collusion, writing:

The charges do not relate to Manafort’s work on the Trump campaign or involve allegations of Russian election interference, a fact that the president has routinely noted as he tried to distance himself from his former top campaign adviser.
Mueller and others tamper with witnesses everyday. They charge people to get them to flip. They give immunity. Yet no one is charged for those acts, so obviously, they are above the law. This article says a lot. They are charging Manafort with additional charges because he is just too aggressive on his defense. Heaven forbid that a defendant is too aggressive in their own defense. They must be punished.
From the AP article:
The latest charges increase Manafort’s legal jeopardy if he continues an aggressive battle with prosecutors
Look at how much Mueller and the FBI hide from the public and Congress on why the Russian collusion began in the first place. People from the Justice Department have lied continuously, and yet they haven’t been charged.
It is a witch hunt. Mueller has an unlimited budget to search for crimes instead of investigating crimes. Why won’t Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein share the documents that he gave to Mueller, telling him what he is limited to on his investigation?
Look at how Mueller treated Michael Flynn. There was never any evidence that he committed any crime and Comey and other FBI agents said he didn’t commit perjury yet Mueller charged him anyway and he pleaded guilty.  Mueller hid the evidence from Flynn that no one thought he was guilty and Flynn was going broke so he pleaded “guilty.”
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