Must-Watch: Tucker Carlson Makes It Clear Just How Important ICE IS

The current Liberal trend would have you believe that ICE is somehow a pointless organization. Liberals and their counterpart the MSM seem to be all about the elimination of ICE, which is very concerning. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is important for numerous reasons, the top being the safety of American Citizens.

This trend really hit home when Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez won a primary, as she ran on abolishing ICE. So not only is it the politicians running their mouths, Democrats at least in her district are agreeing with her sentiment. That’s why Tucker Carlson took the reigns and addressed this issue on how important ICE is.

“What would exactly happen if The Left killed ICE?”

“ICE is responsible for all Immigration enforcement within the United States. Last year ICE arrested 32,958 illegal immigrants with criminal records. Almost 5000 of those were members of violent gangs. Without ICE all of those criminals would still be at large within our borders.”

So they are getting rid of the animals that the Democrats seem to overlook.

“Last year ICE also seized 2370 lbs of Fentanyl…the narcotic that is driving the single deadliest drug crisis in this history of this country…Without ICE that Fentanyl would still be in circulation.”

Fentanyl, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is up to 100 times more potent than morphine and many times that of heroin.”

ICE also “removed 226,000 people who broke American law.” People who were living here in the United States illegally.

“Without ICE, criminal aliens could be in this country with impunity. That would include gang members, drug smugglers, child molesters and convicted murderers. They could not be deported. Companies, meanwhile, could bring in an unlimited number of illegal workers that would crash wages for American citizens even more than it already has.”

“It would be a disaster, but that’s the point. The campaign against ICE is a campaign for open borders and some are honest enough to admit that. Activists have chanted this, ‘no borders, donations, stop the deportations.’ No borders, no nations. One leads to the others, always. Without borders, nations are impossible.”

ICE is keeping our streets safer, getting rid gang members, and the lethal drug Fentanyl, so why would anyone want to eliminate that?

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