Nadler Refuses To Back Off After Mueller Probe Clears Trump of Wrong Doing

Rep Jerold Nadler refuses to accept the Mueller Report in it’s current form. He wants a full copy of the report without any redactions. Nadler feels there is definitely evidence of obstruction of justice. But is hoping the full report will give him what he needs to go after Trump.

The attorney general deciding to withhold the full report from Congress is regrettable, but not surprising,” Nadler said during a press conference. “Even in its incomplete form, the Mueller report shows disturbing evidence that President Trump obstructed justice.”

Nadler would not speculate on whether or not congressional Democrats would file articles of impeachment against Trump, but added that he was not taking the option off the table.

“Congress must get the full, unredacted report along with all the underlying materials from Special Counsel Mueller,” Nadler said. “We have to get to the bottom of this and we’ll see what happens.”

Nadler is not going to accept the redacted report, but Barr is going to release a less redacted copy to the gang of eight. Some lawmakers will moree privy to what happened

“In a letter to Congress, Barr noted the second version of the report would be given to the “Gang of Eight,” the top-ranking House and Senate lawmakers from both parties who can view sensitive classified information. The chairs and ranking members of the House and Senate judiciary committees will also receive it.”

Special Counsel Robert Mueller found that President Trump tried to control the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and encouraged witnesses not to cooperate—but Attorney General William Barr decided that didn’t amount to a crime.

At a press conference ahead of the Mueller report’s release, Barr went out of his way to explain how he disagreed with some of Mueller’s legal theories and explained away Trump’s behavior. Barr proclaimed Trump’s innocence and justified the president’s actions as the understandable behavior of a man believing he is persecuted by political opponents.”

I wonder if they will give Nadler what he wants…

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