Nancy Pelosi Stumbles And Chokes On The Word Christmas Infront Of Her PC Pals [Video]

Christmas is almost upon us and the majority of Americans are in varying stages of readiness for the biggest Holiday of the year. Mistletoe is being hung high, lights untangled and ready to shine. Radio stations are playing classic Christmas tunes from “Baby It’s Cold outside to “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.”  It is obvious that America loves Christmas. But for some reason, there is an ugly anti-Christmas trend that the Political Correctness Nazis are spreading.

This Scrooge-like trend has invaded our culture on most levels, especially on The Left where they must be living in some sort of self-denial. Nancy Pelosi recently corrected herself when making a reference to Christmas as if she had just cussed.

Unfortunately, the President chooses to shut down the government. We have a Trump Shutdown as a Christmas present — a holiday present — to the American people.”

Since when is Christmas a bad word? God forbid an American celebrate Christmas the holiday that over 70% of us still partake in. The fun part is that her whole statement loses meaning once she tried to foolishly correct herself.

Good grief — the horror: for a short moment, Nancy Pelosi came across as someone who’s lived in the real world for decades. But she squashed that immediately, returning to some alternate universe where Christmas and Christians — I guess — don’t exist. And where everyone’s offended by the notion that they could. And also, a world in which people celebrate something called Holiday.

What does Holiday commemorate?”

This is the sad state of affairs where these PC Nazis are trying to pick away at Christmas. Every year they devise a new way to be offended by Christmas. This year the targets were “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and “Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer.” But it is only a matter of time until these Leftists come after the core values of Christmas as they are already trying to get people to avoid saying the very word.

That’s why we need to continue to say Merry Christmas and even correct people that have fallen prey to this PC BS.

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