New California Law Gives Kids Ability To Get Gender Transition Treatment Without Adult Consent

California, one of the bluest states has decided that minors have the capacity to decide whether or not to get transgender treatments. And they don’t need parental consent. So confused Californian kids are now being treated like adults. But there is a catch, the minors have to be over 13, under 26, and in foster care.

All children in foster care, as well as former foster youth up to 26 years of age, are entitled to Medi-Cal coverage without cost share or income or resource limits”, reads the bill. “The Medi-Cal program provides transition-related health care services when those services are determined to be medically necessary.”  Which “will also now apply to “gender affirming healthcare.”

This new bill is all thanks to California Governor Jerry Brown who signed it into law back on the 14th of September. The bill prevents foster parents from being able to do their jobs. So foster kids from the age of 12 can tell their guardians that they know better.

The American College of Pediatricians filed a statement to combat this ridiculous law.

Children with gender dysphoria believe they are not their biological sex,” the March 2018 testimony read. “A delusion is a fixed false belief. This bill proposes that foster children with gender dysphoria be socially affirmed into their delusion, and allowed to obtain experimental puberty blockers, and dangerous cross-sex hormones and surgery without parental consent.”

The American College of Pediatricians went on to say that this law should be criminal

“Passage of this legislation will allow emotionally disturbed children to consent to dangerous life-altering procedures that will not reduce their risk for suicide in the long term. This would be a criminal outcome.”

What was Governor Brown thinking? How is it suddenly ok to give a 12-year-old the reigns to their own healthcare? They should have to wait until they are 18, that way the kids can be given more time to develop and become adults. They could have at least made the age 18 plus. But I guess that would have made sense.

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