New Polls Reveal The Next Democratic Front-Runner And We’re Not Worried

New Polls Reveal The Next Democratic Front-Runner – We’re Not Worried

Reports of a new poll, conducted by Zogby Analytics, shows Ex-VP Joe Biden as the next possible presidential candidate for the Democratic party. In fact, the poll places Biden in a whopping 50 over 41 percent over President Trump.

It looks like the poll doesn’t take into account Biden’s unpopularity amongst progressives. In the current #metoo climate, creepy-Joe Biden doesn’t add up.

According to Washington Examiner, Biden has been telling people in private that he plans on running to prevent Trump from winning a second term.

Whether Democrats will actually embrace Biden is another thing. However, before they even think about getting behind Diamond Joe, they need to address his inappropriate behavior with women, particularly in public.

From Biden putting his hands on the shoulders and whispering into the ear of Stephanie Carter (wife of former Defense Secretary Ash Carter) during her husband’s swearing-in ceremony in 2015 to creeping on the female family members and wives of members of Congress, people have laughed off his antics as “oh, that’s just crazy Uncle Joe.”

As Written By Rick Moran with American Thinker:

The growing strength of the Sanders-Warren wing of the party may be an illusion, or it may be real. As the primary season for Democrats moves on, we will get a much better picture of the influence of the radicals on the party, as there are several dozen Bernie Sanders acolytes running in open districts and in districts where GOP incumbents are vulnerable.

It is entirely possible that the influence of the radicals will be much greater when 2020 rolls around, making a Biden run seem quaint.

But, as the article mentions, he has several big advantages that cannot be dismissed, especially if, as expected, the primary field is crowded with a dozen or more candidates.

Having former President Obama in your corner would also be a big plus, although Obama has made no comments about whether he would support his former vice president.

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