New Rep Tlaib’s Profane Call For Impeachment And Classless Response To POTUS Will Have You Seeing Red

Democrats are known for trashing Trump and calling for his impeachment. Maxine Waters seems to say as much everytime she finds herself in front of a camera. But most of these Democrats, at least publically, refrain from using profanity when it comes to their anti-Trump rant. Newly elected Rep Rashida Tlaib apparently thinks she is above manners and common decency.

Tlaib called for Trump’s impeachment and she did not hold back on any of her feelings.

“Speaking to a crowd at an event sponsored by the progressive group MoveOn, Tlaib recalled the moment she won her election in November.

“And when your son looks at you and says, ‘Mama look, you won. Bullies don’t win,’ and I said, ‘Baby, they don’t,’ because we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the motherf****r,” Tlaib said Thursday, speaking of Trump”

There was obviously public outcry as people were upset about her language since she is a government official. But she did not care and responded to criticism on Twitter with this apathetic response.

“I will always speak truth to power.

Her spokesman clarified her position.

“In a statement, Tlaib spokesman Denzel McCampbell said Friday that Trump is “completely unfit to serve as President.”

“The Congresswoman absolutely believes he needs to be impeached. She ran and won by making this very clear to the voters in her district,” McCampbell said.

“Donald Trump’s actions have harmed the 13th Congressional District and this country, and Congresswoman Tlaib will not stay silent while this happens.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Trump responded to Tlaib’s profane call for his impeachment

“This is a person that I don’t know. I assume she’s new. I think she dishonored herself, and I think she dishonored her family,” Trump said.

“Using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there, I thought that was a great dishonor to her and to her family. I thought it was highly disrespectful to the United States of America.”

So is this going to be a thing now? Are Democrats going to start acting out and losing all sight of civility? Tlaib fails to realize she is representing American citizens as a government official. This behavior really says more about her poor taste than anything.

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