New Study Blames Caucasians for Exposing Minorities to Higher Levels of Pollutants

A new study claims that white people are to blame for the number of pollutants minorities take in.  The study claims that since white people on average are more affluent, they, therefore, create more waste. Minorities, who by that logic on average make less, have a higher exposure rate due to where they live.

“Blacks and Hispanics disproportionately breathe air that’s been polluted by non-Hispanic whites, according to a study. This new research quantifies for the first time the racial gap between who causes air pollution – and who breathes it.

“Pollution is disproportionately caused by whites, but disproportionately inhaled by black and Hispanic minorities,” the study said.

Poor air quality remains the largest environmental health risk in the United States, the study warns. In fact, with 100,000 deaths per year, more Americans die from air pollution than car crashes and murders combined.

“Even though minorities are contributing less to the overall problem of air pollution, they are affected by it more,” said study co-author Jason Hill, an engineering professor at the University of Minnesota, who is white. “Is it fair (that) I create more pollution and somebody else is disproportionately affected by it?”

“The study found that black and Hispanic Americans bear a “pollution burden:” Blacks are exposed to about 56 percent more pollution than is caused by their consumption. For Hispanics, it is slightly higher – 63 percent.

However, non-Hispanic whites experience a “pollution advantage,” meaning they breathe about 17 percent less air pollution than whites cause.”

This looks to be about where people live. Some white people will travel to cities for work and then return to their suburb after the day is done. So, therefore, they create more pollutants for everyone living there.

Air quality in cities is never as good as out in the country, anyone living or even commuting to the city would be exposed to that. But that’s why we have catalytic converters to try and combat pollutants. The study did go on to say that air quality has improved over the years. But barely discussed how they consider anyone not black or Spanish to be white. That would affect the stats a bit.

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