New Study Shows Men Are Now Afraid To Work With Women, And Maybe They Should Be

We are living during the time of the #Metoo era. There have been countless claims of men doing inappropriate things.

In many cases, this has proven to help women as they feel empowered. But not all men are Harvey Weinstein or Matt Lauer. It seems women quickly called out the men that were taking advantage of women.

But now many men feel on edge because there have been many frivolous claims as well, that have made the #Metoo movement, which was good at first, start to look like The Inquisition.

A new survey finds that 60% of male managers say they’re uncomfortable participating in regular work activities with women, including mentoring, working one-on-one or socializing.

According to the survey, released by and SurveyMonkey, that’s a 33% increase from last year.

Senior-level men also say they are 12 times more likely to be hesitant about one-on-one meetings with a junior woman than they are a junior man, nine times more likely to be hesitant to travel with a junior woman for work than a junior man, and six times more likely to be hesitant to have a work dinner with a junior woman than a junior man.”

Women claim that they want to be one the guys, but guys can be physical. A guy is not going to get upset about a guy grabbing his arm to stop him. Guys bust each other’s balls and make rude comments to each other. In this day in age, you can’t necessarily make those same comments to women. So it may be tough to joke around.

The Chicago Tribune’s Heidi Stevens tried to make light of the poll, naming off absurd tips for men to avoid. She then popped out this example of what not to ask.

Treat your female colleagues and subordinates the way you’d want to be treated by a male in power. Would you want him to tell you how nice you look in that suit? Would you want him to ask if you’re happy in your relationship? Would you want him to rest his hand lightly on your shoulder when he talks?”

‘Nice suit Jim, How’s the wife?’ This is pretty textbook stuff, and some people do get up in your space, and you kind of grin and bear, or if it’s your boss say something like ‘whoa, personal space there bud.’ This happens to men they just handle it, they don’t look at as harassment.

There was a case with an ESPN host who was trying to court an intern, they went out together quite a bit. They texted and the host thought they were becoming an item. But after he sent her a picture of himself shirtless, she suddenly sounded the alarm of harassment. I think that many men worry about this possibility as well.

We seem to be living in a very sensitive time. People are getting offended by the damnedest things. It is completely understandable that some men would feel threatened as they are unsure of what exactly is ok now, or what innocent act may now threaten their livelihood.

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