New York Rep Claims Trump’s Actions Are That Of A Dictator

The Democrats have made it clear how they feel about Trump, whatever he says they almost immediately try to twist or be opposed to. New York Rep Hakeem Jeffries is another Anti-Trumper and he felt the need to bash Trump for strengthening National Security.

Earlier this week Senator Rand Paul suggested that Trump consider revoking the security clearance from many retired/fired intelligence agents. Agents like John Brennan, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, and Michael Hayden. Paul claims that these now past intelligence employees are using their knowledge for monetary gain.

Jeffries appeared on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. He immediately started off by bashing Republicans that he felt were not going far enough in condemning Trump’s actions at the Helsinki Summit. He even gave Trump supporting politicians a nickname: The Cover-up Caucus. But he was not done there Jeffries was also angry that the Republicans had not reigned in their leader in.

Watch Rand Paul On Security Clearance Below.

The U.S. Rep went on to further criticize Trump claiming that the president wanted to “play footsies with Putin” in reference to the upcoming meet planned for this fall. But his most outlandish comment came about when they discussed the possible plan to take away Security Clearance from past intelligence agents. Jeffries was upset about the possible security clearance removal.

This “is not innocent behavior. This is behavior that undermines the very fabric of our democracy, the notion that we have separate and co-equal branches of government, that there are checks and balances, that a president is not a monarch or a dictator, notwithstanding the fact that Donald Trump often fancies himself in that fashion.”

But it seems they left the most preposterous statements for last. Jeffries claimed the Democrats were going to “Clean up corruption,” or how they were supposedly going to be “standing for the people.”


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