New York Times’ Desperate Attempt To Smears Border Officials With Deceptive Tweet

Here we go again! Now that the Kavanaugh controversy is behind us and the Country can finally move forward the left media is desperate to create the news.

The New York Times smeared U.S. Border Patrol agents and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers with a misleading tweet that indicated hundreds of employees had been arrested for accepting bribes and other forms of corruption. Of the approximately 60,000 agency employees less than 500 were charged with crimes over a two year period — only 30 of those involved charges of corruption.

The New York Times sent out a misleading tweet implying that “more than 500” Border Patrol agents and CBP officers were arrested for “drug trafficking, accepting bribes, and other crimes over a two-year period.” The actual number charged with the corruption-related crimes headlined in the tweet is 30, according to Breitbart.

“More than 500 employees of the United States’ primary border security agency were charged with drug trafficking, accepting bribes and a range of other crimes over a two-year period,” the Times tweeted on Friday and again on Saturday.

As Reported By The Daily Wire:

The first problem with the Times’ reporting is that the statement that “more than 500 employees” were arrested during the two-year period is false — the real number is 496, as some employees were arrested more than once, which the CBP specifically noted.

The second and much larger problem with the Times’ reporting is their insinuation that those employees were arrested for “drug trafficking and accepting bribes.”

The Times’ specifically noted those two offenses because they want to cast the CBP as a corrupt organization but the truth is that there were only 30 arrests during FY 2016 and FY 2017 for corruption charges — not “more than 500 employees” — out of approximately 60,000 employees.

Thankfully, The Custom and Border Protection agency keeps a full report of conduct available for the public to see. The NYT’s outrageous and grossly misleading claim can be easily debunked by anyone with half a brain and a few minutes of time.

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