Transgender Person Makes Outrageous, Irrational, Claim About Their Bodies

A man that has switched over to a woman, a transwoman, claims that she, despiteĀ not having the parts that are needed, is having a monthly period. Seems like she may have skipped health class…

It sounds like she just gets pissy once a month and is trying to come up with a good excuse. But she is not done as people were clearly mystified as to how a person born male could get a period as they don’t have the ability to give birth. But she didn’t allow a thing like logic stand in her way.

I absolutely love how much trans girls talking about the reality of their periods pisses transphobes off. It makes you feel so powerful! Really tho it’s just that they’re so weak. I mean, us existing is enough to upset them, so…

I love how, according to transphobes, a person regularly having all the symptoms of a period, save one, as a result of their natural cycle of hormone fluctuations, somehow doesn’t count as a period. Anything to invalidate us. How fragile they are.”

Well anyone with a lick of sense must be transphobic or they could have a basic understanding of human anatomy…

It is quite clear that what is going on in our bodies is the exact same thing minus one organ. Afab ppl’s periods vary greatly. Some don’t even get any real symptoms. Why should trans women’s periods not count just because we lack one symptom?

The same ppl that don’t want us to call it our periods also don’t want us to call ourselves women. So, yknow, f*ck those people. Own your period. Be proud of it. Just allowing yourself to acknowledge it for what it is can be so liberating.”

She is also on youtube.

This may not be true of all transgenderedĀ folks but you can see where there might be some trouble seeing eye to eye when there are those among this community that are making such blatant falsehoods. It’s fine they can identify as a shoe for all I care, but you can’t think that anyone will take this line of thought seriously. There is clear-cut medical knowledge that this person should be well aware of. The female process of getting rid of an unused egg has everything to do with that. Without the birthing ability, it is just plain irrational to claim to be having a period.

But apparently, anyone that understands the female anatomy is transphobic….