Newly Elected Official Refuses To Place Hand On Bible – What She Chooses Instead Will Ruin Your Day

New Georgia Commissioner Chooses Malcolm X Over Jesus Christ

Georgia Politics are taking an odd turn allowing a newly elected official to swear in on an autobiography of Malcolm X instead of the traditional Bible. The Official, Mariah Parker, won an election as commissioner of district 2 in Athens Georgia. It was a close race, she won by 13 votes. The odd thing was her choice to forego the Bible.

Probate Judge Susan Tate had offered her the customary Bible to swear an oath over but she declined. Her mother Mattie Parker suggested she use the constitution. But she also declined our founding document for the Malcolm X Autobiography.

They asked if they would like the Bible and I said no. My mother asked if there was a copy of the Constitution around. No,” Parker said. “I wanted Malcolm’s book. I think they saw it coming.”

It is more than a matter of a using the Bible or not. If she had been non-religious the constitution should have been more than sufficient. But her choice to use the militant civil rights leader’s biography is not only telling of views but also a slap in the face to the position. She even puts a fist in the air while being sworn in…

District 2, which she now represents, is an  economically struggling swath of east Athens that lacks some of the same amenities that other parts of town enjoyed.”

Parker’s platform includes tackling economic justice, reducing poverty and discrimination, affordable housing, fair wage jobs, youth development, criminal justice reform and marijuana reform.”

So who is this new official?

Parker “is a 26-year-old doctoral student at the University of Georgia, in Athens… She campaigned for “bold, progressive leadership in Athens.”

Parker is a self-proclaimed Queer and comes from a rural area in Kentucky.

“I was very lucky to break away from some of the generational patterns, by going to college and getting out of the town,” said Parker. “But I struggled and I thought people only looked at me as having nothing to offer.”

She is also a Hip-Hop Artist.

You can hear some of her stuff below.

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