Newly Released Footage of Bernie in Russia That He Hopes You’ll Never See

What’s the one thing I bet you wish to never see? If you said a drunken Bernie Sanders singing with his Russian comrades, shirtless, you guessed right.

Recently surfaced footage of the socialist surfaced showing Bernie three-sheets to the wind and topless. The footage was recorded on June 13th, 1988 so thankfully the quality of the footage is low. Otherwise, no one would be able to stand it.

According to the Washington Examiner, in 1988, the Soviet Union and communism were in crisis and President Ronald Reagan himself spoke in Moscow’s Red Square. The previous year, Reagan and USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev had signed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989 and three years later the Soviet Union collapsed.

Republicans have mocked Sanders for the trip. In 2015, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said during a GOP presidential debate: “I’m tired of losing. Good God, look who we’re running against. The number two guy [running for the Democratic nomination] went to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon, and I don’t think he ever came back,” Graham said before the audience exploded into applause.

The following year Trump mopped the presidential floor with Sanders. Voters caught on to the ‘business as usual’ Sanders and crooked Hillary’s game against the United States.

Now that the video isn’t just circulating among the political elites, I wonder if Sanders stands a chance with even being nominated to run in 2020?

Brace yourselves. Somethings you just can’t UNsee:

No one considered Bernie a threat in 2016, what with Madam Pantsuit’s assumed ascension to the presidential throne. As such, there was there was never much of an oppo research dump against Bernie Sanders. So we never saw the naked Sanders singing with the Russians round a table of failed socialist promises.

This guy is in Democrats’ top 3 picks for 2020? If that doesn’t tell you where the party stands I don’t know what will.

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