Nikki Haley Calls Out The UN For ‘Attacking Israel For Sport’ And Ignoring Real Issues [Video]

Nikki Haley Takes To The Floor To Plea With The UN To Put Aside Their Focus On Israel Long Enough To Do Their Jobs!

After the vote to condemn Hamas fails, United States Ambassador, Nikki Haley calls out the UN for being an ‘unserious force for Middle East peace”. She warns them it’s not too late to take their focus away from Israel long enough to actually do good in the more ravaged areas.

Haley says that the UN accuses the United Nations of attacking Israel for sport while ignoring those who need help the most. “At what point will the UN hold those who are in charge of Gaza and running it into the ground?”.

As Reported By Fox News:

A United States amendment to a Palestinian-backed draft resolution at the U.N. General Assembly that would have condemned the terrorist group Hamas was defeated even before getting a vote Wednesday afternoon because of a procedural maneuver by Algeria, one of the sponsors of the Palestinian draft resolution.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, before the voting, said that the attempt to obstruct the vote was “shameful.”

The U.S. amendment would have been added onto a Palestinian-backed draft resolution that, in part, called for consideration of an international protection force for Palestinian civilians without any condemnation of Hamas, and was seen by the US as too one-sided.

But had the Algerian blocking maneuver not been put in play, the U.S. amendment to condemn Hamas looked as if it would have passed. The U.S. elicited 62 votes in favor with 58 against and 42 abstentions. This should have seen its amendment brought to a vote according to Ambassador Haley. But the president of the General Assembly claimed that since the measure did not meet a supposed required two-thirds majority, it failed on that basis and was not brought up for consideration.

Following the vote, Haley released a statement that read, in part, “It is no wonder that no one takes the U.N. seriously as a force for Middle East peace.”

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