NYC Citizens Cry Out For The Police…

Last year it seemed like every Blue Leader decided that they no longer stand by the police. They were all intimidated by the BLM and Antifa protests. New York City was no different as Mayor Bill de Blasio caved to the BLM with a grand gesture of a street mural and even cut the budget by 1 Billion dollars. So lo and behold, New York City ran into a little crime problem this year after a man went on a killing spree on the subway. New Yorkers forgot about the defund the police movement and started asking where’s the police…

The “A-train Ripper” is in custody, police confirmed.

The knife-wielding madman was wanted in a gruesome subway spree that left two homeless people dead and two others slashed along the A train line, and was nabbed in Upper Manhattan on Saturday, law-enforcement sources said.

His shoes were still splattered with his victims’ blood when he was taken into custody — and he was still in possession of the bloody knife, one source added.

The yet-named suspect was in custody at the 34th Precinct in Washington Heights on Saturday, sources said. Police said Sunday that he has since been transferred from the precinct, although they wouldn’t say where.

The bloodshed sparked an outcry for safer subways, and NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea responded, announcing a “surge” of 500 additional cops for the department’s Transit Bureau to be deployed across the city immediately.

The spree began Friday morning, not far from where the alleged stabber was caught, authorities said.”

Just last June the Communities United for Police Reform (CUPR) had made demands to defund the police while BLM was taking to the streets.

CUPR had a list of demands that they wanted to see the Mayor enact. While not all of them were fully implemented, they proposed more than a billion dollars in cuts to the NYPD budget, broken down into five key areas of “concern.”

  • $397 million – Cut over time, public relations and surveillance technology use, and cap uniformed officers to budgeted amount.
  • $287 million – Fire abusive officers, cut modified duty, and deduct settlement payouts from the operating budget as a punitive measure.
  • $263 million – Freeze new hires, cancel new cadet classes and cancel cadet training program.
  • $219 million – Reduce uniformed officers by about 5 percent, to 2014 levels.
  • $96 million – Remove officers from schools, transit systems, homeless outreach, and mental health response programs.”

So it looks like if Mayor de Blasio had done his job instead of pandering to protesters, this might not have happened at all. But crime spiked in every city that decided to cut the police budget. In fact, Minneapolis a few months back was forced to beg surrounding cities and towns for help after the crime in their city skyrocketed. So It looks like Liberals are getting to see the consequences of supporting the foolish defund the police movement firsthand.

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