Obama Appointed Federal Judge Sides With House Dems Over Trump Records

It looks like Trump’s lawyers don’t have much time to stop the meddling of House Dems. House Dems subpoenaed the president’s financial information, some dating back to 2011. This stems from Cohen’s testimony where he claimed Trump’s accountants were cooking the books. The Obama appointed Judge, Amit P. Mehta, agreed with Dems and is giving Trump a week to stop his records from being handed over to Congress.

“Mehta acknowledged a high likelihood that any documents obtained by House Democrats would quickly leak, and become partisan political fodder.

“[T]he court is not naïve to reality,” Mehta wrote, admitting there “is a chance that some records obtained from Mazars will become public soon after they are produced.”

Mehta added that he was “well aware that this case involves records concerning the private and business affairs of the President of the United States,” dating back to well before he declared his candidacy.

But, Mehta said, Democrats’ subpoena fell within established congressional investigative and oversight powers, which generally only require that subpoenas serve some “valid legislative purpose.” The judge noted that the probe could uncover conflicts of interest in the White House, as well as potential violations of the Foreign Emoluments Clause or the reporting requirements of The Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

Mehta said he would not stay his ruling pending appeal, despite the risk of permanently compromising Trump’s private financial information, in part because of the public’s strong interest in Democrats obtaining the records. That means the subpoena will take effect within 7 days unless it is stayed by another court on appeal.”

The president was already vetted before he was allowed to run. This is ridiculous. Trump is right in thinking that there is a witch hunt. Dems are delving into every facet of his life trying to find dirt. They have clearly lost sight of what their jobs are. They are supposed to be serving the American people. Instead, they are wasting time and money in efforts to get rid of Trump because they don’t agree with his views.

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