Obama- Appointed Judge Stuck Down Trump’s Ability To Fire Federal Employees

It’s like we take one step forward and two steps back. Once again a Federal judge blocks Trump from making a change. This ‘America First’ President cannot catch a break with the Obama-era swamp that still remains.

The Obama-appointed judge, and apparent ‘activist’- struck down President Trump’s ability to fire corrupt, ineffective, and lazy federal employees. Essentially, protecting the swamp and ensuring that IF any further progress will be made it will be met will a dozen roadblocks, as usual. Here we go again!

According to The Hill, in a court ruling, U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson wrote that unions were right in arguing that the provisions included in the orders infringed upon areas that are negotiated between federal employee unions and the government.

Jackson, an appointee of former President Obama, wrote that the orders “impair the ability of agency officials to keep an open mind, and to participate fully in give-and-take discussions, during collective bargaining negotiations.”

The court document reads:

“The second vision of public employment worries that unfettered “executive discretion” to hire and fire civil servants can damage “the integrity of public administration in general,” especially if an unchecked administration arbitrarily discharges career employees who hold contrary political views or who seek to blow the whistle on abusive employment practices within the Executive Branch. Id.

This second vision of public employment also often asserts that a public employee has acquired a “property interest of sorts in his office, and expresses concerns not only about the impact that an abrupt dismissal might have on the administration of the federal government as a whole but also on that employee’s future employment prospects, see id. at 1621. Based on such concerns, the second vision of the civil service system “fosters the view that the public executive ought to be extensively constrained in employment decisions” regarding apolitical civil service employees.”

It’s ridiculous that this judge is sighting that Trump could abuse his executive power when that’s all we’ve seen from the left.

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