Obama Intel Director Claims Mueller Report Is Roadmap To Impeachment

The Mueller Report exonerated Trump when it comes to Russian Collusion and aside from the obstruction of justice part which Trump says is “fabricated.”

It looks like this should be a win for Trump hands down. But naysaying Dems have not given up and Obama Era Intelligence Director James Clapper feels that the Russian interference in the Mueller report is damning.

Clapper said as much in an interview with Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo: First of all, your take on how the AG has handled this process culminating today?

Clapper: Well, to be honest Chris, I’m a bit disappointed. I think the Attorney General is clearly trying to paint as favorable a light on the Mueller report as possible and when you read it, it’s pretty devastating. I’ll tell you though, the big deal for me in this is laying out in very rich detail the magnitude and pervasiveness of the Russia interference in our election in 2016.

And it’s personally gratifying because the intelligence community’s assessment that we rendered on January 6th of 2017, briefed President-elect Trump on about the Russia interference. But this report, we only scratched the surface and I hope Americans will take the time to read that, the collusion, obstruction aside. The big deal to me is the magnitude of the Russian interference. No one can say they didn’t interfere and, in fact, taint the election.

Cuomo: And like the president did on the world stage with Putin right by his side, where he said, “I don’t know why it would be Russia,” and then they tried to say after that he said “wouldn’t.”  That was about as clumsy as all the other cover-ups that we see in this report. They knew there was interference, they tried to benefit from it. They did things that were wrong. They lied about the same. But those don’t equate with crimes. So, Mr. Clapper, where does that leave us in terms of what to do with that information? What would be a righteous move by Congress?

Clapper: It really is a conundrum as others have commented earlier, particularly for the Democrats, the Democrats in the House, whether to pursue this in terms of impeachment. Clearly, at least my read of the Mueller report is that there is a road map laid out there if the Congress chooses to follow it.”

Watch The Exchange Below.

Clapper is a former Obama appointed Official and that says a lot about his mindset. He was also accused of perjury for lying to Congress about collecting American’s phone data. So taking that into account this sounds like more Dem propaganda from a man that has a shaky relationship with the truth. But I guess that’s why CNN interviewed him…

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