Omar Plays The Victim Of The Very Tragedy She Marginalized

Rep Ilhan Omar still refuses to accept that she was in the wrong when it comes to her remark about 9/11. Earlier this year Omar summed up 9/11 by saying “some people did something.” Marginalizing the fact that Radical Islamic Extremist attacked our country and killed nearly 3000 Americans and that’s not including the first responders that have been dying since due to the exposure to the building debris. But Omar was once again given the chance to apologize for her offensive comment, and instead decided to call herself a victim…

During a segment on “Face The Nation” Omar was interviewed by Margaret Brennan who asked her about her 9/11 comment and gave her a chance to fix her answer.

MARGARET BRENNAN: This was the anniversary this week, the 18th, of the 9/11 attacks on our country. And at a Ground Zero- well- remembrance ceremony- I’ll call it- the son of one of the victims stood up and specifically called out language you had used in the past that he characterized as not respectful when referring to the three thousand people who were killed by Al-Qaeda. You said, “some people did something,” and he put it right there on his t-shirt. Do- do you understand why people found that offensive?

REP. OMAR: I mean so, 9/11 was an attack on all Americans. It was an attack on all of us. And I certainly could not understand the weight of the pain that the victims of the- the families of 9/11 must feel. But I think it is really important for us to make sure that we are not forgetting, right, the aftermath of what happened after 9/11. Many Americans found themselves now having their civil rights stripped from them. And so what I was speaking to was the fact that as a Muslim, not only was I suffering as an American who was attacked on that day, but the next day I woke up as my fellow Americans were now treating me a suspect.”

Watch The Video Below.

She was given an out and then doubled down and called herself a victim. This was her chance to right her wrong and she chose to squander it. She then tried to make people feel bad for her. But how can you, when she marginalizes the deaths of thousands of Americans? Oh, you felt like you were a suspect? That must be tough for you compared to the families that were mourning over the deaths of their loved ones…Does she not realize that she is supposed to be representing Americans?

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