O’Rourke Shows Us Just How Little He Cares About Our Rights

Tragedy struck Texas after a deranged man went on a killing spree. His motives are not known but one thing is for certain he was not well. This incident happened just this past Sunday yet Liberals did not miss a beat. They started talking about Gun Control as if they think that is the cure-all. Dem Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke was one of the Dems that decided to take advantage of the tragedy to push his anti-gun agenda. O’Rourke did not waste any time and made remarks that show he is no longer interested in the rights of Americans. He said as much while being interviewed by MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“What we’ve been saying, the rhetoric we’ve been using, the policies and practices and politics of this country has not been as urgent enough as needed. Doesn’t meet this crisis,” O’Rourke said..

“So let’s speak clearly and bluntly and then take decisive action: Universal background checks, red flag laws, ending the sales of weapons of war, but also importantly, and politically difficult to say, buy those weapons of war back. Mandate that. Not voluntarily,” O’Rourke continued.

“Let’s be really clear with our fellow Americans: no place for an AK-47 or an AR-15 on the streets of our communities,” the Dem presidential candidate stated.

Watch The Video Below. 

This was another horrible tragedy and no one disagrees with that. But taking away American rights over the actions of the mentally ill doesn’t fix the problem. This is another incident that proves America needs to start helping mentally unwell people. If the man was going to shoot people at random he could just as likely have stabbed a whole bunch of people. Those that want to do harm will find a way to do so.

If you look at London they have a big problem with knives where people are stabbing each other because they don’t have access to guns. Many times the knives used are kitchen knives, so it just goes to show you that it’s not the weapon but the sick people that need attending to.  If only the Dems would care enough to stress that…

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