O’Rourke Wants To Censor Conservatives

Dem Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke thinks conservatives need to be censored on social media. He especially wants Trump to be censored for all of his supposed hate speech. I guess talking about the safety of Americans and wanting to vet migrants is hateful in O’Rourke’s eyes.

We must confront hate, no matter where it is or how high up it goes. That means calling out this president—but it also means ensuring social media companies no longer allow hate speech to be spread on their platforms.”

“Having leadership that speaks with pride about our community, about who we are as a country, including the immigrants who have made it so successful is far and away the most important thing we can do right now, but also ensuring that beyond the president’s conduct and behavior and rhetoric we do a better job of regulating and enforcing hate speech and calls to violence on social media platforms.

Facebook — in particular, Mark Zuckerberg — needs to do a far better job in ensuring that that platform does not become a gathering place and a platform for launching these kinds of attacks. Internet service providers — hosts of 8chan and these message boards that are used for similar purposes — we need to do a far better job and I think that could come through new legislation, new regulations, and really vigorous enforcement, but I think it’s the president of the country that needs to set the tone going forward”

Watch The Video Below. 

Facebook and Twitter are constantly going after conservative sites or personalities. Facebook did a big conservative purge last fall. Twitter has suspended many conservatives including James Woods and just recently Mitch McConnell. McConnell, they suspended after he posted a video where protesters were outside of his house threatening his life.  Social Media doesn’t need any help going after conservatives, they seem to be doing that plenty all by themselves.

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