Parkland Victim’s Father Files A Lawsuit Against Now-Former Broward County Deputy

A Parkland Victim’s father is coming forward to go after a man whose job it was to protect the children and his daughter. Broward County Sheriff Deputy Scot Peterson was the resource officer on campus that in the face of a mortal threat to the kids and staff, hid. He claims that he was ordered to take a defensive position. But as seen in the security footage released he did nothing to help.

Regardless of what the orders were he should have taken initiative and went in to help the people. This was gross negligence. Father Andrew Pollack feels something needs to be done and it’s not about money. He feels Peterson needs to be shamed as a coward for failing to do his duty. Failing to even attempt to save anyone.

“My family wants the world to know this is the guy that hid behind a concrete wall while kids and teachers were killed. He’s a WEASEL COWARD, and no matter where he goes should be recognized as a failure. He failed to act and then lied about it after. We will not forget!

The Lawsuit.

Pollack lost his daughter, Meadow, in the shooting back in February. He has filed a lawsuit against Peterson,”the estate of Lynda Cruz, James Snead, Kimberly Snead, Henderson Behavioral Health, Jerome Golden Center for Behavioral Health INC, and South County Mental Health Center, INC., as defendants.”

“I filed a wrongful death suit against Deputy Peterson today. I want to expose that coward so bad. Where ever he goes I want people to recognize him and say that’s one of the cowards of Broward. The SRO that let those children and teachers die on the 3rd floor!

This suit has nothing to do with money. I want to be sure anywhere he goes in this country he will be recognized as the coward that could have gone in and saved the students and teachers on the third floor.”

On Feb. 23, Peterson, the sheriff’s office said, “chose to resign and immediately retired rather than face possible termination.”

So Peterson might finally have to face some sort of discipline, as opposed to the retirement he took to avoid consequences.

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