Patriots Rejoice at CNN’s Acosta Tweets, This Might Not Be The Kind Of Response He Was Expecting

CNN’s own, Jim Acosta, unintentionally listed off Trump’s many accomplishments on Twitter. His tweet excited several Conservatives.  The added bonus here is that Trump’s ability to dismantle Obama’s legacy is proof that our government still works. Take a look.

According to Conservative Tribune, few conservatives will ever forget the day that former President Barack Obama arrogantly declared to America and a Republican-controlled Congress, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone.”

The implication behind this snide remark was that Obama would use his “pen and phone” to bypass congressional opposition and implement his rejected progressive agenda by way of executive actions and orders.

But what is done by one presidential pen can be undone by the next one, and that’s precisely what we’re seeing now, as President Donald Trump has systematically dismantled Obama’s “legacy” since taking office.

These were President Trump’s campaign promises and he’s held true to his word. This is exactly what he was voted in to do.

As Written By AP with New York Post:

It’s strange that a president who had such a transformative effect on our national discourse will leave such a negligible policy legacy. But Barack Obama, whose imperial term changed the way Americans interact and in some ways paved the way for the Trump presidency, is now watching his much-celebrated and mythologized two-term legacy be systematically demolished.

This, in many ways, tells us that American governance still works.

When President Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, he was able to do so without much difficulty because the agreement hinged on presidential fiat rather than national consensus. Obama’s appeasement of Iran was only one in a string of unilateral norm-busting projects that deserve to be dismantled.

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