Pelosi Belligerent Rant Against The Border Wall: “It’s An Immorality” [Video]

Nancy Pelosi failed to understand the purpose of a Wall this past Friday. She put out the generic Democrat lie that she is in support of Border Security and then condemned the Wall.

Pelosi was interviewed by Joy Reid and said the following.

“We’ve been through this, secure our borders, legalize the people who are here so that they can participate fully, do so in a way that energizes America, which has always been the case with newcomers coming. And I emphasize that secure our borders. Because that’s a responsibility, to protect and defend our country. The president would not — the inference that you draw from the wall is that’s the only way to do that. That actually is an immorality.”

“The fact is, a wall is an immorality!” Pelosi stated loudly. “It’s not who we are as a nation.”

Watch A Related Clip Below. 

She called a wall an “old way of thinking.” As if Walls are now useless.

So we should secure our country’s border but forgo one of the simplest solutions. How do these people get elected? It is amazing that anyone would vote for this winner. I don’t think Pelosi could win in any state outside of the Liberal safe haven of California.

Border Security is a multi-faceted problem but a big part of securing a border without lining it with agents would be a barrier. The better the barrier the harder it would be to get in. As it stands we have some fencing up and it is not doing the job so why not make the simple leap to a wall. If Democrats actually cared and were not just posturing for the camera they would have signed off on this a while ago. But this is not about serving Americans or Border Security for the Democrats this is about sticking it to Trump.

Sadly we get the short end of the stick with govt shutdowns and an unsafe border because the Democrats are too childish to do what is best for America.

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