Pelosi Claims Russians Must Be Blackmailing Trump After Summit

Nancy Pelosi came out from the rock she was hiding under and heard that there was a chance to bash Trump. So knowing Pelosi she wasted no time and pulled out some anti-Trump slander.

“It’s strange and disturbing and again heartbreaking that President Trump threw out the values that were the basis for the Helinski Commission when he was cowering before President Putin yesterday.

Instead of standing up for democracy and democratic principles¬†President Trump cowered in the presence of Putin and the entire world watched…Trump’s eagerness to sell out America proves the Russians must have something personally, politically or financially on President Trump”

Watch The Video Below.

President Trump has been getting bashed regularly after the Summit. The MSM and Democrats¬†have been claiming that he was Putin’s Puppet, or that he surrendered to Putin. But this is all spin anyone who watched the full summit would see that Trump did not give in or say anything all that damning. The only thing he mentioned was that Putin had strongly denied having anything to do with election tampering for the 2016¬†election. We still do not have evidence that directly ties to the Russian Govt. What we have is a bunch of speculation with no proof.

The other thing that has many people riled up is the fact that Trump did not take sides when it comes to American Intelligence Agencies vs Putin’s word. Trump said he strongly supports American Intelligence but didn’t feel the need to negate the whole purpose of the Summit. People forget Trump was at the Summit to broker a better relationship between the US and Russia. If we had proof we would have already acted. Jonathan Lemire, the Associated Press Journalist, had intended his question to rile the American Public.

Just now President Putin denied having anything to do with the election interference in 2016, every U.S. Intelligence Agency has concluded that Russia did. Who do you believe? Would you now with the whole world watching tell President Putin, would you denounce what happened in 2016? And would you warn him to never do it again?”

Lemire succeeded. As you can see this loaded question is intended to get people thinking us vs them at a Summit about diplomacy and better relations with Russia. The aftermath is just spin and the regular nonsense from the MSM. Anyone with any sense would have seen it was a productive summit, aside from some loaded questions from the Associated Press.

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