Pelosi Reels Back On Impeachment Plan – The Reason Is Just Desperate

Democrats are hustling to pull away from impeachment talk now that we are just a few months away from the midterms. They’re terrified of losing the midterms because the public is SICK of the witchhunt-even liberals.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said impeaching President Donald Trump is “not a priority” one day after his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations, The Daily Caller reported.

After hearing the news that Cohen was indicted with multiple counts of tax fraud and bank violations as well as a campaign finance violation, which Cohen says is related to Trump, Pelosi told reporters Wednesday that impeachment was not something that Democrats were focused on.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says impeaching President Donald Trump is “not a priority” for Democrats despite the conviction of Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and the guilty plea of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Pelosi tells The Associated Press that “impeachment has to spring from something else.”

Pelosi says she prefers for Democrats, if they win the House in November, to conduct oversight and ensure Special Counsel Robert Mueller can finish his work.

She says: “If and when the information emerges about that, we’ll see. It’s not a priority on the agenda going forward unless something else comes forward.”

As Written By Politico:

A House Democrat close with leadership put it bluntly: “The voters don’t want to talk about impeachment right now. … You don’t want to poke the bear in a way that he’s able to come back even stronger.”

The decision to tread lightly on the matter shows just how wary Democrats are of overplaying their hand. Many believe that Democrats have more than enough material to successfully impeach Trump, should they take the House — and privately, many Democrats think they would eventually do so if they seize the majority.

“However, Democrats don’t want to make Trump seem sympathetic, especially before the midterm elections when they feel they’re very likely to win back the House for the first time in eight years. They also want to wait until special counsel Robert Mueller issues his report on any Russia collusion or obstruction of justice, which they believe will do nothing but bolster their case.”

It seems weird that Democrats believe what makes Trump seem ‘sympathetic’ is the constant and unrelenting attacks on his presidency. They seem to forget that the people love him for the work that he does for the American people. The fact that he ruffles liberal feathers is just an unexpected bonus…


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