Pete Buttigieg says Trump Weakens the Nation With “White Guy Politics”

2020 Dem Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg is an openly gay Afghanistan Veteran. If elected he plans to get rid of the electoral college.

He seems to be over the top when it comes to identity politics and might be a tad anti-white as he feels he needs to be more conscious of his white privilege. So he, of course, felt the need to take a jab at Trump, since Trump does not have white guilt.

During an interview with the Associated Press Buttigieg had the following to say.

By far the political movement that is most based on identity politics is Trumpism. It’s based on white guy identity politics. It uses race to divide the working and middle class,” he told the AP. “There are a lot of strategies to blame problems on people who look different or are of a different faith or even of a different sexuality or gender identity. … It’s a cynical political strategy that works in the short term but winds up weakening the whole country in the long term.”

Buttigieg has argued that he’s uniquely positioned to take on Trump because he can appeal to the white working class voters who left the Democratic Party for the Republican. But in recent days, he’s acknowledged he needs to address the lack of racial diversity among supporters at his events.

In the AP interview, Buttigieg said he plans to make sure that “our organization and our substance reflect our commitment to diversity.” He said he’ll do that by hiring a diverse staff and by addressing a range of policies that affect minorities, including but not limited to criminal justice reform, education, homeownership and entrepreneurship.

“I think any white candidate needs to show a level of consciousness around issues like white privilege,” he said. But when asked whether he had experienced white privilege, he said that “part of privilege is not being very conscious of it, right?”

He added: “You’re much more conscious when you’re at a disadvantage than … when you are on the beneficial side of a bias. But there’s no question that that’s a factor that has impacted people in many different ways. And we need to be as alive to it as possible.”

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