Pocahontas Gets Epically Trolled By Trump And Shapiro

Elizabeth Warren made an announcement that she intends to run for president in 2020 and as you might expect it garnered some great responses. President Trump and Ben Shapiro destroyed her and she has barely made it out of the gate.

Shapiro took to Twitter to address her announcement.

“What if we ran Hillary’s campaign but without the name recognition?” – Warren’s advisors”

She’d be lucky to make it as far as Hillary. As aside from trying to beat Trump she has some big-name Democrats to contend with.

Warren, 69, is entering what is likely to be a crowded Democratic primary field seeking to take on Donald Trump. Those considering bids include a slew of fellow senators such as Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand and Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, the former vice-president, and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

Shapiro was not done as he completely destroyed her with his next comment.

“She’s out-Bernied by Bernie, out-Obamaed by Beto and out-intersectionalitied by Harris and Booker. In other words, catch you later, Senator.”

President Trump decimated her with a single Tweet that says it all and he didn’t even add any extra commentary.


But it was not just conservatives that came down her. The Left Biased, Boston Globe also commented on Warren’s presidency claiming she should hold off on her election.

“Warren missed her moment in 2016, and there’s reason to be skeptical of her prospective candidacy in 2020. While Warren won reelection, her margin of victory in November suggests there’s a ceiling on her popularity; Baker garnered more votes than she did in a state that is supposed to be a Democratic haven. Meanwhile, a September poll indicated that Massachusetts voters were more enthusiastic about Patrick making a White House bid than Warren.

Those are warning signs from the voters who know her best. While Warren is an effective and impactful senator with an important voice nationally, she has become a divisive figure. A unifying voice is what the country needs now after the polarizing politics of Donald Trump.”

Looks like she is wasting her time. Democrats are not fully on board and it’s not like she will get any support from the Right.

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