Poland Set To Honor Trump In The Most Amazing Way Possible

If the leader of Poland has his way President Trump’s name will soon appear on a Military base in his Country. The base would join the dozens of buildings around the world that already carry the Trump name and like those buildings, should stand the test of time – leaving a legacy of Trump’s presidency literally set in stone. The purposed name of this base ‘Fort Trump’.

According to Fox News, speaking with Trump and reporters in the Oval Office on Tuesday, Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda, told Trump that he’d like the U.S. to create a permanent military base with that name in Poland — and that Poland would pay more than $2 billion for the project.

Duda emphasized that his country was “willing to make a very major contribution to the United States to come in and have a presence in Poland.”

Trump said he would consider the proposal. Facing Russia’s increased military activity in the region, Poland has been pressing for the 3,000 U.S. troops now deployed in Poland on a temporary, rotating basis to be upgraded to a larger, permanent presence.

A 1997 NATO-Russia agreement technically forbids U.S. or NATO troops from being permanently based in former Warsaw Pact countries, including Poland. Over the summer, the U.S. ambassador to NATO told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” that the Trump administration was considering the move anyway.

“We want to buy more equipment. We also want to cooperate in the area of development as regards to military technology,” Duda said. “I’m convinced this [partnership] between Poland and the United States will go smoothly.”

Duda said that he was “smiling” when Trump floated the idea of a permanent U.S. military base in Poland, The Daily Caller reported. “I said I would very much like for us to set up a permanent American base in Poland, which we would call ‘Fort Trump,’ and I firmly believe this is possible.”

“I am convinced that such a decision lies both in the Polish interest as well as in the interest of the United States. Poland is an attractive country and, first and foremost, it’s got a very strategic location in Europe,” Duda said. “And I’m convinced that for the interest of the United States, also pertaining to the security of the United States itself, the presence of the U.S. forces in our country is important — also to protect American interests.”

As Written By The Hill:

Poland has offered to pay $2 billion for a permanent U.S. military base in its country as a buttress against a resurgent Russia.

Right now, U.S. troops have a rotational presence in Poland. Supporters of having a permanent presence argue it would send a stronger message to Russia than the rotational troops.

The annual defense policy bill signed into law last month requires the Pentagon to assess the feasibility and advisability of a permanent military base in Poland.

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