Police Honor Pizza Delivery Man Who Rescued Two Small Girls From Abuse

Kentucky police have honored a pizza delivery driver they say rescued two girls who were being abused by their father. The Lexington Herald-Leader reports Mark Buede was honored Tuesday by the Lexington Police Department.

Mark Buede was delivering a pizza when he saw something suspicious and called 911. That call led to the rescue of two abused young girls, Lexington police said.

The pizza delivery man and the three officers who investigated the case were among many people honored for their good deeds by the Lexington Police Department Tuesday night. The annual awards banquet was held at the Lexington Convention Center.

Buede, who works a second job delivering pizzas for Papa John’s, said that when he knocked on the door of a Lexington motel that night last November, a man came to the door. “There was a little girl that didn’t have any clothes on” on the bed behind him.

Buede’s adult daughter, Faith Buede, who also works for Papa John’s, had taken the man’s pizza order over the phone. She had just gotten off work and was riding in the car with her father when he delivered the pizza that night.

With his own daughter in the car Buede said he knew something didn’t feel right. He contacted the police who worked through the night investigating the men. The father was arrested with multiple charges and police say it was all thanks to Buede’s tip. If he had not called the girls would still be in a dangerously abusive situation.

Because of the age of the girls and the nature of the crime, police have guarded the details of the case closely. Understandably so. We don’t even want to imagine what was going on in there.

Buede said he didn’t know the outcome of his phone call until he read about it in the awards program.

“I knew that something happened because they called me a couple of times to ask some questions,” he said, “but I didn’t know exactly what happened.”

Buede received a public service medal for his efforts, and officers William Phillips, Zakary Ridener and Corey Sutton received professional esteem awards for their work on the case.

“It was a difficult night for all three of us,” Phillips said. “It sticks with us to this day.”

The department said the three officers’ teamwork “is a testament to their duty to serve and protect, which has earned the esteem of colleagues and supervisors.”



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