Police Officer Begs For Help From Filming Security Guard [Video]

Police Officers are constantly putting their lives on the line in order to keep our communities safe. It used to be that communities would support their Police Officers. But now the Officers are more likely to be recorded by people that are passing instead of helped.

Houston Police arrested Davon Shavelle Miller, 17, after he was pulled over driving a vehicle connected to an aggravated robbery and shooting.

Miller was arrested after he ran from the police and then proceeded to fight with them. Miller refused to listen to the officer. A fight ensued with the officer trying to hold down Miller and put cuffs on him. The officer was aided by an unknown man but Davon was bucking wildly and would not allow the officer to get his hands.

During the incident, Miller continuously shouted out a call for help “He’s going to kill me!” While a woman who was spectating kept telling him to “Stop Resisting! He’s not going to kill you.”

Through the struggle, things almost turned deadly as the officer felt Miller go for his gun. He immediately warned the public “he’s got/going for my gun.” To which Davon immediately shouted, “I didn’t grab his gun!”

The scuffle continues on with the officer trying to put cuffs on Miller. But one spectator shows just how callous she is when it comes to helping an officer in need. A woman dressed as a Security Guard walks up and walks around the incident while filming it with her phone. The Police Office sees her thinking she might be willing to help and calls out to her.

“Stop F***ing filming and help me!”

And she just keeps going, walking away from the incident, unwilling to help the officer in need.

Miller is eventually arrested after a lengthy struggle and taken into custody. His bond is set at $50,000.

Watch The Video Below.


This guy is absolutely a threat. He had a pistol in his car that his girlfriend actually wrapped in a towel and threw it in the bushes while our officer (was) fighting with him,” said Joe Gamaldi, president of the Houston Police Officers’ Union.

“Not only that — you watch the video. He’s grabbing our officer’s gun,” Gamaldi said.

Gamaldi was also appalled by the Security Guards Behavior and took action.

Update to the story that has been making the rounds the past 2 days. I contacted the security company that employed the security guard. They handled the issue swiftly, she is no longer employed w/the company. In addition, they expressed their love, support, admiration for HPD officers”

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