Police Report Reveals Dem Shoved Female Employee, Blocked Her From Calling 911

A Police report from 1999 exposed gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis, a Colorado Democrat, for reportedly assaulting and a female employee. The report also showed that this piece of work blocked the woman from calling the police.

According to a police report obtained by The Free Beacon, Polis—at the time still legally named Jared Polis Schutz—told Hughes not to take any sensitive documents and quickly drove to the office.

“After hanging up with the dispatcher, Ms. Hughes attempted to leave the office. Mr. Schutz physically blocked the door to prevent her from leaving. She moved toward him again, this time hitting him with one of her bags. Mr. Schutz then put both of his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back to prevent her from leaving,” according to the report filed by the officer who interviewed Polis.

Polis’s account of the extent of the physical contact differs from what Hughes told a different officer who interviewed her.

“Hughes then tried to leave and Schutz did not let her leave. Hughes said that he grabbed her and pushed her back into the office. Hughes said that when Schutz pushed her she was pushed back into a file cabinet, hurting her leg. Hughes said that she then said that she was going to call 911 and went to the phone. Hughes said that she tried calling 911 three times and twice Schutz hung the phone up. The third time Hughes got through,” according to Hughes’s interview with police.

The officer also made notes of bruises makes on the inside of  Hughes’ arm. As well as a red welt on Hughes’ theigh.

As Reported by The Daily Wire:

The police believed that the bruises were not consistent with the accounts of the incident that were described by Polis and Hughes, but added that “the welt was conducive with a file cabinet in front of the door. There was also a key protruding from the upper right-hand corner of the cabinet that could have produced the welt.”

After inspecting Hughes’ bag, police found that she “did knowingly and unlawfully take several files with original contracts and other sensitive documents” from Polis’ office.

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