Police Respond To MS-13 Threats To Target Law Enforcement [Video]

Officers Respond With A Heavy Warning Of Thier Own After MS-13 Threatened To Attack Police

The Long Island police have done an amazing job cracking down on known MS-13 members. So well, in fact, two credible threats were issued against the police force – a type of ‘shoot to kill’ order from high ranking gang members.

According to Long Island News 12, a statement from Commissioner Patrick Ryder says the department is “taking appropriate action to ensure the safety and security of our officers and medics.”

“I will not tolerate any threats against my officers, and the Nassau County Police Department will continue to protect our residents and communities,” Ryder said in the statement.

Denis Monette, the former assistant commissioner of Nassau police, says he’s not surprised the gang is trying to make a statement by threatening to kill a police officer.

As Reported By ABC 7 New York:

Police on Long Island are investigating what they call credible threats to murder officers after the accused East Coast leader of the MS-13 gang was arraigned on murder and drug trafficking charges.

Authorities say there were at least two credible threats linked to MS-13 members to execute Hempstead Village police officers.

“MS-13 wants to threaten a cop in this county, MS-13 is going to get an answer,” Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said.

Ryder said it is a fight that cops will not back down from. It started with a credible threat picked up by the Hempstead Police Department Wednesday afternoon to assassinate men and women in uniform.

MS-13 allegedly said, “Too many arrests. Time to take back the streets like we did in El Salvador.” Officials say the threat was delivered to them by an informant.

“It will not be tolerated in this county against any of our first responders,” said Ryder. “Whether it’s law enforcement, our police medics, or our fire services. We will answer that threat, and we will answer it strongly.”

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